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I'm back and with a new movie review of Spiderman: Homecoming!
I went to see it with a friend of mine, both of us been big MARVEL Fans, I have been waiting for the film since last July at San Diego Comic Con seeing the cast for the first time! So no further to do let's get into the review and plot!
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The movie is on Peter Parker (Tom Holland)  a young 14/15 year teenager who gets his powers of spraying the web's from his hands after being bitten by a spider. Peter lives with his young aunt May also not as "Hot Aunt May" Peter hides his identity of been Spiderman while still in school. He get's mentored by Tony Stark and calls Happy Tony's security guard if he tells him what's he been doing and finding out very important information.
Peter finds a gang of men wearing Avenger's masks robbing an ATM with technology which is from Aliens. He attempted to stop them but with the equipment. The weapons have been supplied by Ailen weapon smuggler Adrian Toomes. He fails and be saved by Iron Man. Peter comes home to find his best friend Ned waiting for him to build lego with him and finds out Peter is Spiderman. Also with that Peter has a love interest, Liz who is also on his school academic decathlon team which he quit's to concentrate on being Spiderman. But when Peter finds out that Adrian is trying to steal more Ailen items to create more weapons which are heading to Washington DC. Peter get's back onto the decathlon team which helps him to stop Adrian's men getting hands on items.
Image result for spider man homecoming gif
Image result for spider man homecoming gif

Managing to stop them getting them, Peter get's stuck in one of the most secure building in the United States which makes him miss the decathlon, with his team celebrating it they decide to go Washington Monument which Ned has a small piece of the alien item which is actually a bomb, get into the lift which then explodes having them trapped. Peter comes just on time to save them.
Peter asks Liz to homecoming which she says yes when collecting her at her house, the door is opened by her father. And let's just say when I found out the father was me and my friend gasped
 Not going to spoil the remaining parts of the film as they were the best.

The film was great, light hearted with the fun cast and having the perfect cast for the film. All young, all the right ages played by everyone. Especially young actors which are spot on, as young characters been played by young actors, I definitely think Tom Holland was the perfect match to play Peter Parker as Tom has said in interviews Peter was him in school. Awkward, shy around girls and people.
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I loved the light humour comedy as MARVEL always nails it and with the Spiderman's suit voice called Karen in those scenes she was voicing was definitely most funniest moments.
I feel this film is the best Spiderman film out of the 8 films, I never liked Toby Maguire been Spiderman, I felt Andrew Garfield been Spiderman was okay but those two play a teenager and both been in the late twenties didn't make great for me. Also, I felt like since Tom did all his own stunts thanks to him doing gymnastics for Billy Elliot and practising doing backflips definitely paid off.
I can't wait to see Tom and Peter in Avengers: Infinity War!
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Rating: 10/10
Would wish the extra clip after the credits could've been better, I thought it would be more exciting.

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