The World of K-Pop

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K-Pop? What would you think it is? Well it's a music genre coming from South Korea influenced by pop music from Western side of the world and their own mixture of beats of techno etc giving a really good beat to each song. Each band has trained for many years in perfecting singing, dancing, rapping and performing perfectly in sync with each other member
. Now this year has been crazy for K-Pop getting more recognized in over here in Ireland, UK and of course USA with the help of BTS ARMY, EXO's One's who are the bands fans names and many more K-pop bands and artists. And not just Kpop Korean Hip Hop has become a big success with acts like Dean, Jay Park, Grey, Loco.

I personally have been a fan of K-Pop since 2011 with Super Junior's Sorry Sorry, Girl's Generation with Gee and Big Bang with Fantastic Baby thanks to them I began loving their music but got back into Kpop three years ago,  I still listen to them but love bands like BTS, EXO…

Eurovision 2018

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As we all know Eurovision was on during the weekend. And let's just say it was juicy! I have loved Eurovision since 2009 when Alexander Rybak won it for Norway with the song "Fairytale"
So since last year they introduced new voting system which involves with Jury Vote and televoting.
With the Grand Finale there were a couple of countries who didn't make it into the final who usually have been getting the finals for years. Azerbaijan, Greece, Russia, Montenegro.But what surprised me was what countries got into the final who weren't my favorite's were Serbia, Hungry and Slovenia just because they were either sung in their national language and the type of song genre they were for example Hungry's music was heavy metal/scream.
With some favourites of mine I wanted to do well were United Kingdom's SuRie,  Germany's Michael Schulte, Czech Republic's Mikolas Josef   Finland's Saara Aalto, Netherland's Waylon, Cyprus's Ele…

Losing my blogger vibes

Hey blogger's nation
It's been five month's since I last posted on the blog. As it says on the title "losing my blogger vibes" So first few weeks I couldn't write anything cause I was so busy with college and working part time but then I lost my motivation and ideas for writing on the blog and even stop following bloggers.
Why? I few some of the big bloggers I have followed are just showing their glamours life because of the style they are in and of course not showing the lows of their day. And I feel like some people are putting on a personality, not showing their real selves. I decided to pull away from their bubble to face reality. But I still watch a couple of small local blogger's Instagram stories.
So for now on when I'm writing blog post's it's on topics or interest's I genuinely like.  I hope you all can understand where I am coming from.
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Darkest Hour Film Review

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Since it's Movie award season here, I went to see the Golden Globe-nominated movie "Darkest Hour based on the darkest hours in May 1940 during world war II Wilston Churchill becomes Prime Minister as Neville Chamberlain resigns from his duties as Prime Minister and Leader. The movie follows Churchill when Great Britain was in the darkest hours of all time.  We meet Churchill's ( Gary Oldman) new secretary Elizabeth Layton ( Lily James) she receives a note from Buckingham Palace that King Edward VIII wants to meet him as the new prime minister.  The first encounter between them both was very awkward but still rather humorous. Through the film we see the everyday updates on what was happening during the war, Churchill meeting foreign ally leaders to convince them to help the British allies to hold together but refuse thinking Churchill is "Utter Mad" When the British Expeditionary Force has been trapped in Dunkirk, Churchill finds out…

Netflix/NOWTV Shows You need to watch this CHRISTMAS!

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Do apologise I have been away for a while! Have been super busy with college and working most days this busy month!
For Christmas, I decided to put what shows to watch on Netflix and NowTV. Let's begin!

Wynonna Earp
A show about Wynonna Earp who come's home to her town on her 27th birthday which inherits her great great grandfather of legend lawman which she can use 16 inches "Peacemaker revolver" Wynonna and her allies including her baby sister Waverly bring supernatural and paranormal evil to justice.
40-minute episodes got hooked on the first episode instantly and beige watched up six episodes in one sit! Also very dry humoured with Wynonna comedy.

Stranger Things
If you have seen the first season and if you haven't seen it. Where the heck was you doing! One of the most popular shows last year it's back with a second season staring the 28th of October just in time for Halloween.…

Dublin Comic Con 2017

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I went to my first ever comic con last weekend in Dublin hosted in Dublin's convention centre which was huge, on four floors.
As it was my first con I didn't really know what to expect. I knew there be sellers of merch and collector's items and obviously meeting the guests who were come to attend the con.
I cosplayed for the first not going too crazy but going as a female version of Barry Allen in his Star Labs sweater.

I left Cork super early, and getting up at 5am and leaving Cork on a 7:30 am bus heading to Dublin in 10:30am and walking a short distance from the bus stop to Convention Centre which was perfect. And after passing O' Connell street we found some people who were cosplaying (costume playing as a character from tv, film, video game, comic's etc) walking the same way we were so we followed them. (Cheeky I know :P) Arriving the convention centre, we had to go around the side and behind of the building to queue up to enter who sh…

Spiderman: Homecoming REVIEW

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I'm back and with a new movie review of Spiderman: Homecoming!
I went to see it with a friend of mine, both of us been big MARVEL Fans, I have been waiting for the film since last July at San Diego Comic Con seeing the cast for the first time! So no further to do let's get into the review and plot!
The movie is on Peter Parker (Tom Holland)  a young 14/15 year teenager who gets his powers of spraying the web's from his hands after being bitten by a spider. Peter lives with his young aunt May also not as "Hot Aunt May" Peter hides his identity of been Spiderman while still in school. He get's mentored by Tony Stark and calls Happy Tony's security guard if he tells him what's he been doing and finding out very important information.
Peter finds a gang of men wearing Avenger's masks robbing an ATM with technology which is from Aliens. He attempted to stop them but with the equipment. The weapons have been supplied by Ailen…

Gifted | Movie Review

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Last Tuesday I went to see a movie called "Gifted" which features Chris Evan's playing a young man called Frank who is caring for his niece since his sister committed suicide. He take's his niece Mary (Mckenna Grace) to join normal children's school until Mary's teacher Bonnie (Jenny Slate) notices Mary is gifted with solving Mathematics. It turns out Mary's mother was a promising Mathamatin solving Navier-Stokes problem. Out of the blue Frank's mother comes to visit which result's Frank and his mother Evelyn battling custody of Mary.

I saw the trailer previously the trailer looked great and I was excited to see the film but in the middle of watching the film it got slow and I began to get tired of it. I was just waiting for the film to end. It was good but I had no understanding of Navier-Stokes problem or anything with maths cause I hated math. Chris Evan's acting was great and saw cameo's of one of my favou…

Wonder Woman | Movie Review

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It has been a while!
Not to worry I hope to get some writing inspiration soon, just had writer's block for a while! But if you have any suggestions or want to become a guest writer on the blog contact me at 

I got the chance to see Wonder Woman last Thursday the first day it was released! I was so excited to see Wonder Woman getting a film on her own, no Batman, no Superman just one Woman kicking ass. I try not to give too many spoilers but I just give you what it's about.
The story is about Diana (Gal Gadot) growing up on the island of Themyscira where all the Amazons live which was created by Zeus to fight against Ares God of War. Young Diana has been training with her aunt Antiope ( Robin Wright) just she sees something unfamiliar flying vehicle which has a man called Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) With that Invasion men come onto the island who are Germans following Steve who is an American pilot and undercover spy for the B…