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Packing for Lourdes!

Hey everyone,
I'm heading to lourdes, France! I'm going for a week (Easter Sun-Saturday. I'm going with Ireland's pilgrim trust as a guest. This is the first time I'm going to Lourdes.  I'm going with the Cork groups which there is 25 young people including me heading there. Counties all over Ireland are coming and countries from the world are also coming.  This week is for young people and the week is fillied with loads of fun. I'm currently getting my stuff ready and went to the city yesterday to get some extra stuff.  I went to boots and got some mink travel beatuy items I can use. We always need some shower gel and some moisturiser for after. I got my favourite soap and glory. The smell is just lovely! My shampoo is Aussie miracle moist (for dry hair or unhappy hair they say) For brushing my teeth I got some classic Colgate mini toothpaste and Listerine mini mouthwash!  I also so a six mini pack of tissues which have cute packages, some wipes for anyth…

Captain America 2 REVIEW

Hey everyone,

Sorry I didn't post the past two weeks! I was taking a break from blogging!
I got to see Captain America Winter Solider the day after it came out on Ireland!
Since I'm a massive fan of MARVEL I had high expectations for the second movie from Captain America. I also don't want to spoil anything for anyone so I'm trying to now to give too much!
We get to see the best of Captain America in this movie. Steve is getting used to been alive and not frozen! FYI if you haven't seen the first movie I recommend you to watch it first!
Steve now works for Shield and is partnered up with the Black Widow played by Scarlett J. Mr Nick Fury played by Samuel J Jackson (#legend just saying) has been watched by some people which he doesn't know. Tragic stuff happens with shield. Fury's old friend takes over and Shield changes and changes from good to bad.
Captain A and Black Widow have been blamed for not telling the truth of what happened with Shield and Shield…