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My Top 5 Topman Suits for Ball! |Topman Suits

Hey Blogger Nation! Happy Saturday! Yes I said Saturday! It's weird sharing this on a Saturday now than a Friday! So it's September and now it's college season my college is having a lot of balls coming up! So I thought why not share my top Topman suits from their suit shop!
1. Navy Skinny Fit Tuxedo Suit  Link Total price:218,00 € Navy Skinny Fit Tux Jacket With Satin Lapel  Price: 150,00 €Navy Skinny Fit Tux Trousers Price: 68,00 €White Stretch Skinny Stand Collar Long Sleeve Smart Shirt 40,00 €  LinkSELECTED HOMME Tan Leather Brogues 100,00 € Link

2. Black Twill Skinny Three Piece Suit Total price:186,00 €
This includes:

20 Questions Tag

Hey Blogger's Nation! 
So I decided to do more posts on you get to know me a little bit better! So let's get straight into it! 

1.Thing you cannot leave the house without?
My phone!

2. Favourite brand of makeup?
I use all different brands of makeup but I always uses N07 from Boots!
3. Favourite Flowers?
Tulips are my absolute favourite!

4.Favourite  clothing stores?
Pennys, New Look and I started to shop in Stradivarius.

5.Favourite  perfume?
8 UNCOVERED PERFUME from Ambercrombie and Fitch.
6.Heels or flats?

7.Do you make good grades?
Distinction in my Leaving Cert

8.Favourite  colours?
Baby blue, pink, red, gold, navy and black

Top 10 NEEDS from Topman | Men's Fashion

Hey Blogger Nation! Happy Friday! So this week I really really wanted to write a men's fashion post! And I thought hm what could I write about it! So I did some searching Topman to see what could be 10 needs! Also I want to mention this is going to be my last Friday posting on the blog, I am moving it to Sundays as I have college starting and I really want to get my head down into it! Lets start!
1. Khaki Badged Twill Cotton Casual Shirt 48,00 €Since these types of shirts are really in both men's and women's fashion! Link

2. Navy And Red Check Long Sleeve Shirt 40,00 I love a good old check shirt so i picked this navy and red check shirt which would be nice for college or night outs!Link
3. Light Wash Blue Spray On Skinny Jeans 50,00 € You can not leave out some good jeans! Link 4. Dark Grey Wash Stretch Skinny Jeans 50,00 € Some comfortable jeans when your in college or just Causal night outLink

The Old Head of Kinsale Lighthouse

Hi Blogger's Nation! Last weekend I went to visit the Old Head Lighthouse in Kinsale. They had a open day last weekend. Myself and my mum decided to go to have a look. I never been to the lighthouse so this was my very first time going! So here's some history of the lighthouse!
It was one of only six such lighthouses built around the Irish coast by Sir Robert Reading under letters patent granted to him in 1665.In 1804 Thomas Rogers was contracted to construct a temporary six foot diameter lantern with twelve oil lamps and reflectors to replace the coal fire.The tower was 12.8 meters (42Feet) high with a concentric building around the base to house the Keepers. The light was provided by 27 Argand oil lamps, each having a parabolic reflector. The fixed white light was 89.6 meters (294 feet) above sea level and in clear weather had a range of 23 miles The light was frequently obscured by fog or low cloud so it was decided to build a new lighthouse on the point of the headland.  The t…