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Merry Christmas

Hello everyone!
It's Christmas eve, and I just want to wish you all a very happy Christmas! I hope you all will enjoy Christmas with your family and your friends! What's your family tradition for Christmas eve and Christmas Day? Comment below I would love to know what you do,
My family and I will be going to Christmas mass tomorrow morning in our local church, my grandparents have decided to go to the Mid Night mass tonight! (Good Luck to them staying awake!!)  Stonewell Cider I love which is produced in area, the orange one in the left is my favorite medium dry. Stonewell Cider Twitter: Stonewell Cider Facebook:

I have also been listening alot of Christmas music from Nathan Carter's Christmas Album "Christmas Stuff" with Christmas Stuff which is really nice song for Christmas and Micheal Buble's Christmas album. 

Also the photo above is me last Saturday, as I went to meet two of my cl…

Real meaning of Christmas

I was in the middle of mass tonight (I'm Roman Catholic so I go to mass every weekend) and the priest was talking in his sermon and he was saying whats the real meaning of Christmas to us. Is it the presents? The food ? Jesus? Family?

I thought about it, we think about the presents and the food. I do like them too but it's about Jesus Christ. Through the 5-6 weeks of advent we learn and hear of the stories how God chose Mary the Virgin to give birth to Jesus and her cousin Elizabeth who is an older lady and she was spirited like Mary and gave birth to John the Baptist etc.

We would go to the school nativity's to see the children playing as Mary, Joesph, the high Kings and the shepherds. As I found out now not many schools and communities aren't doing to this which is quite sad as this has been happening for a long time!

 Christmas is all about our religion and spending the time with our loved ones and yes I do like the presents and the food but that's just a small exa…

Tori Kelly | December Artist

Hey everyone!
It's finally December meaning CHRISTMAS!
This month's artist for December is the amazingly talented signer Tori Kelly.

How I found Tori was watching a girl I have been following for a long time and she was mentioning she went to a concert of an artist she loves which was Tori. And I decided to look her up, and when I heard her song confetti oh my god. It was pure amazing. I then began listening to her orginal songs and covers on her YouTube Channel. This year has been massive for Tori she has been  recognized by other artists and has made a  collaboration  with British rapper Professor Green. When Tori does those high notes I get goosebumps. and she is so down to earth and so grateful  of her fans. My favorite songs from Tori, are "Confetti" " Dear No One" "Funny" and "Paper Hearts" Tori is now friends with Sam Smith and her new manager is scooter, who manages Cody Simpson and a few other well known musicians.

Hope you all like th…

Pointless Book by Alfie Deyes