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Garth Brook Tickets

This morning I went on my laptop to get tickets to see country music legend Garth Brooks for my parents.And spent 50 minutes to get tickets, twice I nearly got them but failed as it said errors. I was so close to get tickets. And there was tickets sold to people who were going to sell them in black market for 300-500 euro's. You must be so stupid to buy them from those's people (seriously) I'm just mad today lol See you next week peeps! SheilannO xx

Food Blog?

Hey guys.So latetly I have been think should I do a blog on baking and cooking since I have a massive passion for food and baking. And coffees from cafes? I review recipes I have used and trying food from companies like marks and spencers, super value, adli, lidel etc. Comment below to tell me or even tweet me! @SheilannO Would love to know what you all think! :) Sheilann


Hello all!
So what I did for the weekend was I went to see the Oscar nominated movie 12 Years of slave, now I wasn't going to see the movie as I wanted to see America Hustle but my mum said she always goes to the movies I wanted to see.
So I sat through it, thinking when will this be over. I do admit the movie was good but I wouldn't get it on DVD or rent it again. There was scenes that made uncomfortable to watch as well my parents were with me! I wished I went to see American Hustle but that's just me! 
See you all next week! :)

Did you see it? Comment below and tell me what you thought of the movie!

Call Of Duty Ghosts review!

Hello gamer's and bloggers!
I reviewed Call of Duty Ghost just before Christmas and didn't haven't any time to post it! Also I would LOVE to hear your opinion of the game also!
So the game overall is about theses two brothers Logan (Who we play) and older brother David (Hesh) they have a trained dog called Riley which I adore! FYI They work with two ghosts Keegan and Merrick the baddie is Rourke a really bit ass**** (Just saying he is!)

Call of Duty: Ghosts is set in an alternate timeline that follows the nuclear destruction of the Middle East. The oil-producing nations of South America form "the Federation" in response to the ensuing global economic crisis and quickly grow into a global superpower, swiftly invading and conquering Central America and the Caribbean.
Since I never watched or even played Call of Duty so this was the first time watching it! To me the graphics and storyline was good. I truely loved Riely since I'm an animal lover myself! 
To me I was c…

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Follow me on twitter everyone! Would mean alot! 

More post?

Alright so I'm hopefully going post more for 2014 and get this up and proper!
I may review more games, movies, music oh and even clothes and make up!
What do you think? Comment below or even Tweet me suggestions what should I do for my blog and I'm hopefully going to make my own logo!!! Yep I am hope well fingers crossed anyway!

Did I mention I'm really really getting into country music? Yeah I am, I blame my mother since she went on about this guy called Nathan Carter and fella from Liverpool now living in Donegal and performs songs from country music. And I got to say he sing's pretty well and I like the songs he sings!

I'm going to blog every week, not sure what day! But I will post soon about when I will and what ever!
See you all soon!
Sheilann x

Happy New Year!

What is up everyone!
It's a New Year! Happy new year to you all! 
What did you all get for Christmas? I got a new mobile phone! Very funny but unfortantly it was an iphone 5c and the phone was faulty. Sent it back last Monday and the are looking for a phone iphone as they are very popular and may take a other week. :/
Anyway started back to school on Monday, which was a church holiday. 

This week is also a major week in Dublin as tons of Irish students from all over Ireland hit the capital for the BT Young Scientist, every year students apply to enter the competition to win the overall prize 5,000 euro! Sweet!
I went to the BT young scientist last year, and I had to go on the most busy day of  the week! A Friday!! I went up with my dad, drove up in three hours going up and down. I wish that I could gone through every project but as for some of the students they don't have any manners, pushing you into people and not saying sorry. That was the worst thing about but I did get to go t…