Who I watch on Snapchat #2

Hey Blogger Nation!
It's been a while! I'm sorry I hadn't new posts on the blog for the past few weeks! I  have been fairly busy at home and doing other things but don't worry I  have finally an new post! And it's a part 2 of Who I am watching on Snapchat.
This part there isn't as Snappers I picked in this post as theses are some of favourites!

Ali from Goss.ie, get to see what's she up to in her life along seeing what her and her staff are doing at Goss.ie HQ!

Marissa founder of Coca Brown Fake Tan, get to see the stunner going around doing master classes, along seeing what's up to with her family along work!

AJ is totally flawless with her snapchats and always looking amazing under great light. Love her set up for her make up and getting really nice home equipment from IKEA! Also how amazing is her blue eyes! ✨AJmakeup✨

Along knowing Rebecca off snapchat as we known each other through Irish Country singer Nathan Carter. Rebecca just began blogging this year, and I would love you all give her some support along her snaps are very cute photos of family and beauty!

Meggan the queen of photoshop as I say! Love her Instagram photo challenges though been honest I have failed at them! Get to see what Meggan is up with her blog and what's she up to around Cork City!

One of my favourites on Snapchat is Pippa O' Connor, I don't think I wouldn't watch her if not my aunt mentioned me to go and follow her  thank you @stylieili (yet another shout out for her!) Along getting to see the fab snaps Pippa posts along seeing her cute new born baby Louis and big brother Olly!

The Fab Stephanie who works with Melissa in Coco Brown, she is also an blogger/. Get to see the behind the scenes of Coco Brown and some very sazzy events Also Stephhanie is stunning in all of snapchat! New #girlcrush!

Very short post I'm sorry but part 3 will have alot more snappers who are bloggers and well known celebrities. I also finally gave in to follow Kylie Jenner and Kim K why I don't I felt I wanted to see what they were up to!
Don't forget I am also snapchat you can follow me below

Thank you for reading this week and I see you all next week!


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