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Last Tuesday I went to see a movie called "Gifted" which features Chris Evan's playing a young man called Frank who is caring for his niece since his sister committed suicide. He take's his niece Mary (Mckenna Grace) to join normal children's school until Mary's teacher Bonnie (Jenny Slate) notices Mary is gifted with solving Mathematics. It turns out Mary's mother was a promising Mathamatin solving Navier-Stokes problem. Out of the blue Frank's mother comes to visit which result's Frank and his mother Evelyn battling custody of Mary.
Image result for gifted movie gif
Image result for gifted movie gif

I saw the trailer previously the trailer looked great and I was excited to see the film but in the middle of watching the film it got slow and I began to get tired of it. I was just waiting for the film to end. It was good but I had no understanding of Navier-Stokes problem or anything with maths cause I hated math. Chris Evan's acting was great and saw cameo's of one of my favourite actresses Octativa Spencer but her character was put on the side wasn't the main character and got very little scenes which I was disappointed because she's one of the greatest actresses out there.
Image result for gifted movie gif
Image result for gifted movie gif
Overall the film was okay, I wouldn't recommend seeing it unless you really want to see it, from seeing the film times to go to see it in the cinema it has only one time screenings which clearly shows it's not selling great. But I will say the acting from Mckenna Grace was great and Chris had great chemistry with her.

Trailer of the movie is below,
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