Hozier | January Artist 2015

Hello everyone, 
Happy Saturday!
So as you can see my artist for this month is the amazingly talented Irish Hozier!
He is so popular right now all over the place right now with is fantastic song " Take me to Church"
Hozier is from Bray, Co Wicklow. Went to  Trinity College studying Music and then dropped out in the midway his first year as he wanted to record demos for Universal Studios. 
Hozier released a EP with main song Take Me To Church in 2013 and with his music video helping the single go viral. He toured festivals and television performances in USA in September 2014.

A-lot of people have been saying how different Hozier sings. Which I love. Very unique and is a-lot of Blues and old school which I like. Hozier mentions a-lot in his interviews he was influences by old school rock, blues, jazz.

Hozier is been nominated for Song Of The Year for the 57th Grammy Awards 2015 which is amazing news. As he deserves it.
He is a truly an fantastic singer and such a down to earth person. And is so grateful fella.
And just to mention his mum made the EP album is pretty cool.
That's really why I picked him, he's just pretty unreal and I can't wait to hear more from him, and Sedated and Take Me To Church is my favorite songs!

Thank you all for reading!


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