Losing my blogger vibes

Hey blogger's nation
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It's been five month's since I last posted on the blog. As it says on the title "losing my blogger vibes" So first few weeks I couldn't write anything cause I was so busy with college and working part time but then I lost my motivation and ideas for writing on the blog and even stop following bloggers.
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Why? I few some of the big bloggers I have followed are just showing their glamours life because of the style they are in and of course not showing the lows of their day. And I feel like some people are putting on a personality, not showing their real selves. I decided to pull away from their bubble to face reality. But I still watch a couple of small local blogger's Instagram stories.
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So for now on when I'm writing blog post's it's on topics or interest's I genuinely like.  I hope you all can understand where I am coming from.
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