Dublin Comic Con 2017

Hello, Blogger's Nation!
I went to my first ever comic con last weekend in Dublin hosted in Dublin's convention centre which was huge, on four floors.
As it was my first con I didn't really know what to expect. I knew there be sellers of merch and collector's items and obviously meeting the guests who were come to attend the con.
I cosplayed for the first not going too crazy but going as a female version of Barry Allen in his Star Labs sweater.

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I left Cork super early, and getting up at 5am and leaving Cork on a 7:30 am bus heading to Dublin in 10:30am and walking a short distance from the bus stop to Convention Centre which was perfect. And after passing O' Connell street we found some people who were cosplaying (costume playing as a character from tv, film, video game, comic's etc) walking the same way we were so we followed them. (Cheeky I know :P) Arriving the convention centre, we had to go around the side and behind of the building to queue up to enter who showed a number of people were coming to con this year. We're in the queue for thirty minutes and the queuing was moving fairly well before we entered.

Entering we were welcomed by volunteers, and arriving to see the ground floor flooded by cosplayers and a little area giving away free books. I didn't go for them because they were old books probably donated and I prefer fresh new printed books.
There was a lot of things going on, there were stands and interactive sets on the ground floor, the first floor was the artist alley, with the autographs and photoshoots with the guests, and a few more stands. The second floor was the gaming rooms which you play card games and classic old retro games. I didn't go in as I wasn't a fan of games like that. 
Fourth & Fifth was food being served and fourth floor where was all the panels and cosplay competition held on Sunday been held in the main theatre.
I did go and buy a few goodies coming home some art of Game of Thrones, Wonder Woman, Stars Wars, The Walking Dead and MARVEL. Goodies showed below! 

Over all it was a fun experience looking around the convention and meeting alot of people who loved the same things as I do and seeing everyone's cosplay outfits.
Planning to go to another con next year but go down to Kerry's comic con which is held by DCC also!

Thank you all for reading! Would love to know if you were there or been to a convention! Let me know in the comment section!
Love S x


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