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I got the chance to see Wonder Woman last Thursday the first day it was released! I was so excited to see Wonder Woman getting a film on her own, no Batman, no Superman just one Woman kicking ass. I try not to give too many spoilers but I just give you what it's about.
The story is about Diana (Gal Gadot) growing up on the island of Themyscira where all the Amazons live which was created by Zeus to fight against Ares God of War. Young Diana has been training with her aunt Antiope ( Robin Wright) just she sees something unfamiliar flying vehicle which has a man called Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) With that Invasion men come onto the island who are Germans following Steve who is an American pilot and undercover spy for the British Army.
With this Steve gets wrapped around with the Lasso of Truth (The shiny golden rope) he admits why he was there and explained he needs to go back to England to share the vital information to save the world from a woman called Doctor Maru a chemist who is testing gas to kill innocent people.
Diana wants to go with Steve to go and kill Ares, which Steve doesn't believe it's true.
She gets permission to leave Themyscira from her mother Hippolyta ( Connie Nielsen) who is the Queen of Amazons. Diana leaves with Steve arriving in London and gets introduced to a few of Steve's friends and has to change into the clothes of ladies wear which is skirts and clothes from 1914's.After this, she travels to France to find Ares and see if he can be stopped.
That's the amount I'm going to give as I don't want to spoil it too much.
The chemistry Gal and Chris Pine course there some kind of a romance with them as Diana is pretty innocent at the start of the film not knowing anything other Themyscira and reading books on men and honestly not knowing what amount of power really men has have until she goes to London to see it herself getting treated very low by Military men looking at her in silence in shock been in one of their meetings. Diana shows her combat against the Germans and even some drunk  Englishmen, showing some of her combat skills and of course some superhuman strength I mean she did knock half of a church down.

The fashion of Diana is just wow, absolutely stunning in her Wonder Woman combat outfit looked so modern for the 1900's, also when Diana had to wear a trenchcoat with hat and glasses. With that, it's my favourite outfit Diana is wearing in the film when I automatically saw it and fell in love with it. Course Chris Pine looked hot and is super handsome in the film.
With a bit of comedy of Diana trying to figuring outside world and walking out in the public with her sword and shield getting quite a lot of weird looks from people  that was just hilarious and cracked me up.

The film for me really inspires me to become a strong smart woman just like Diana in the film, and the film shows the Amazons and Diana been completely amazing and badass women and having a female director Patty Jekins so overall it's a badass film filled with women in front of the screen and the back.
I really really enjoyed the film, and I will be honest I'm so happy the film didn't disappoint me, the film was honestly the most successful film from DC Comic's ever. Comparing Batman VS Superman, suicide squad etc they have been brutally bad and disappointing in my opinion.
Rating it 5/5 and would go to see it again!

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