Being a Young Roman Catholic

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It's been a while! I do apoglise! I have been super busy with starting of college, settling in along having no blog ideas. And I have pitched it you all on my facebook and twitter. To be honest I haven't had a repsonse from been on facebook but on my twitter you do want me to talk about more posts happening around in the news/world! If you have any ideas just either comment below on my posts, or tweet, facebook me!

As from the title, I am young Roman Catholic person.
When I was born and since then I have been bastised, had my holy commuinion, confirmation and regularly go to mass every week.
When I was sixteen to seventeen I would've had massive arguements with my parents before going to mass refusing to go, along saying Jesus and God wasn't  real because I haven't seen him apparer in front of me. But I finally I understood the meaning of Jesus and God. When I go to mass I feel relaxed in mass and I don't tend to worry about anything.
I know there has been alot media wise on the church for events which should never have happened. I feel media and people give the church alot of slack for things saying harsh things about the priests, I feel that's only that's on the bad disgusting priests but there is priests who do care about people, love God and help the community.
Also with this there is churchs closing because they have no priests and no young men are coming preists like the used to.

Last week I was in church in Cork City and there was moderivite young priest commencing the mass. There was group of young people in the front who were going to go onto the streets and get people to come into the church to light a candle and see the church looking beautiful covered with candles which was going to be the only light. I have to admit I wouldn't be able to do that and have the courage to go out to the streets of Cork and ask people to come inside.

Also in UCC and CIT they have Christain Unions and there is a major event in Knock which celebrates Young Catholics from 16-30 year olds coming together. The priest was saying alot of people are hidding and not saying the are Catholic and go to church but I am quite to say Hey I'm a follower of God. Don't judge me. I have friends who don't believe in God and I respect them for them I hope people should do the same for me.

That's it, I hope you understand where I am coming from and I see you all soon!
Sending you love


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