Why did I start blogging?

Hello, Blogger Nation!
How are you all?

So I wondered why I never shared why did I start blogging. Here's why!
I always wanted to do something in media or an author. When I was 13 I wrote real books, I spent hours and hours writing about this boy called Jack who played for Crosshaven F.C Yes a Football book! I wrote three books of Jack, to be honest now I slightly cringe about it but yes it was the start of me becoming of something! I always thought I become a writer.
I officially started blogging in 2013, writing a short post saying I was on the train heading to Dublin going to see Hairspray the musical. It was so bad I deleted it!

I wanted to write a  blog because when I was in secondary school I didn't use my voice unless it was in my classes. As in real life, I can be quite shy and quiet and I thought it is a chance to get something off my chest instead ranting it to my family about something and I wanted people to know me and my interests.
Funny enough a lot of people from school started reading my blog and teachers too! Also one of my teacher's Ms Flemming was very encouraging for me to write on my blog! So Thank you, Ms Flemming!

That's how I started to blog!
Thank you for reading! I see you all very soon!
S x


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