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Another book review and it's Zoella's (Zoe Sugg) third book from her series. I have read the two previous books which I absolutely loved. I waited very patiently to get the book as a present from family as they know I'm such a book worm! Also I was so excited to get to read the third book as I love Penny the main character. 

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Zoe Sugg

If you haven't anything about theses books,they are about a girl called Penny from Brighton,  Penny is fifteen-year-old anonymous blogger and what happens when her blog goes viral. When her mother is a wedding planner and gets to New York, she meets a boy called Noah unknown her he is a famous musician and falls in love with him.
To give you a recap  what happened in the second book, Penny and her famous musician boyfriend Noah is going on tour, Noah invites her along. She finds out tour isn't so glamorous than she thought.
In going solo, Penny now single and back writing on her blog. She is still taking photos. Finding out now one heard from Noah (Penny's ex) since he left the tour. She goes up to London to see her friend Meghan who's studying in a school for arts she meets a girl called Posey and cute Scottish budding photographer Callum. 
There's alot of drama does happen in the book with a certain Meghan who causes most of it because she's very selfish (in my opinion) 

From reading the book I really admire Penny, in a way I feel like me and Penny are similar minus the panic attacks, and having a a best friend is who is a boy. Penny and me both love photography, to be honest Penny puts me into shame for not knowing enough of my photography Len's and setting on my camera *Facepalm* we both love to blog. 
If anyone had those moments when you reading a book, something happens in the end of the chapter and squeal and close the book getting excited saying "I can't believe that happened" yup? That's happened to me three times in the book. I couldn't believe my eyes reading what I saw. (In a good way)

I really really love this book series, I think this is one of my favorite books series! I know alot of people were complaining Zoe Sugg for having a ghost writer. To be totally honest with it I don't mind it, and didn't take any notice of it when reading the book. I don't have anything negative about the books because I think they are perfect. I can relate to some many things in the book. Penny can be awkward so can I. 

From reading the book It make's me think when I started writing my blog should I made my blog be anonymous like Girl Online. If I did been more different? What do you think?

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you like the post! If you read the books what's your favorite part? person? book?
See you all soon! 
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