Call the Midwife S6E2 Review

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Another episode of one of my favourite tv show's was on during the weekend. As I said last week I was going to weekly do a blog post on each episode.
Let get's into it shall we?

We get introduced to our lady for the episode  Penny, who has a form of dwarfism who is pregnant. Everyone is worried if she would give birth to a stillborn baby and some health problem for the mother. When Sally goes into labour, she goes into having a C-section to have the baby removed. It was successful, Sally had a baby girl who would grow normal which was very surprising for her and her husband who has dwarfism as well

Nurse Patsy Mount got another letter from her father's nurse who is in Hong Kong and is now slowly dying. Patsy also decides to go against Sister Ursula's order not to help their paintings. She goes to the hospital to check on Penny who she was taking care of, along that coming back to nonnatus to have Sister Ursula waiting for her. Patsy speaks to Ursula in a harsh tone but puts her into her box. With that Pasty leaves Nonnatus house to go Hong Kong to help her father.

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Sister Ursula (Courtsey of BBC)

Shelagh was at the port walking away from giving workmen injections when suddenly a huge explosion behind her where all the flour is. Shelagh was there to treat two men inside as well luckily bar lady who had been a nurse during the war was there to help in hand, unfortunately, one man died from the explosion but George Marsh was seriously injured from the explosion which made him go blind and at the same time his wife had a baby. With George been blind, he wasn't the happiest person also neglecting his wife and newborn. Eventually, he does come around at the end.

You can that Sister Ursula hasn't gone down very well in Nonnatus House, well it's not gone down again with everyone. She doesn’t want them to be overly involved in their lives, and while we understand that from an efficiency standpoint, it does matter when you are talking about humanity. For that reason why Pasty had the argument with Ursula. 

Shelagh and her husband Dr Turner tell their oldest son that Shelagh was pregnant, and when Shelagh was involved in the explosion she had to make a statement for what happened. Shelagh began to campaign in the court that there should be clean water and first aid in port area for anything else happens. Which in the end she wins.

Overall the episode was very good, I was very sad to see Emerald Fennel (Patsy Mount) leave as she was one of my favourites along that Patsy is a huge LGBT character now as she is hiding her identity been gay a long secretly dating Nurse Delia which at that time was illegal. Farewell, you are missed. x

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Image result for call the midwife gif

I still don't have a liking to Sister Ursula, it's going to be a while when I warm up to her. Can't wait for next's episode. 

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