6 Primark Men's Summer Outfits

Hello Blogger's Nation!
Happy Friday! 
This week I created some Primark Men Summer outfits for you male readers out there!
Now just to go through with the outfits, I made an few dressy outfits if you were going out with friends for the night, to the beach or even to wedding. I also linked the clothing from Primark's website just for your interest of purchasing! 
I hope you all like these outfits I put together!

Outfit 1
This outfit is fitting around the popular colour of tan, with an nice mid blue shirt. Could be used to go out with mates. 

Tan Skinny Twill Trousers

Outfit 2
I love the red blue check shirt colour and I love this shade of the blue shorts. I just find it cute outfit for an fella to wear!

Blue Belted Shorts

Outfit 3
This is pretty chilled outfit, I felt this be going to the city to go shopping or just hanging with friends playing football. I love the blue shade of the LA shirt along theses grey tropical slip on shoes are really nice pattern.

Blue A Baseball Cap

Outfit 4
Now for this suit I went for an tonall check trousers and jacket, with an navy waistcoat with an nice blue shirt, The most difficult to find to match this suit was the tanned shoes. All the shoes they had were runners, slip on shoes they didn't have any kind of fancy shoes so I had to go with theses Tan PU Boat shoes. If I had an better choice I would've gone with an tanned brogues.

Blue Regular Fit Shirt

Outfit 5
This grey suit trousers with grey waistcoat with an fitted white shirt with an Storm Tropper tie with an Grey Trainer. It's like casusual wedding formal outfit with the funny Star War Storm Troper tie I thought instead of an boring tie I make it different! 

Blue Suit Trousers

Star Wars Stormtrooper Tie

Outfit 6
Casual blue shorts with an Ice Lolly Patterned T-Shirt with navy trainers, and retro bag matching blue watch and blue retro sunglasses. I just like the Ice Lolly T-Shirt it brings and uplift colour with the shorts. Along that I didn't choose an over coloured T-Shirt from the Primark Men's due to there was too much going on with it.

Blue Elastic Waist Shorts

That's all the six outfits! I don't know why but I feel like this me dressing what kind dressed boyfriend I would like! Ha just joking! No but seriously I can imagine guys where this. If an guy did wear the outfits I put together, I be one happy lady! ;)
If you did like theses six outfits please tell me! I did in fact get an small little bit of help asking an guy friend of mine if theses were okay so thank you Jamie!
If you like to see more theses kind of posts please comment below or facebook or tweet me to let me know!
Thank you for reading! And I see you all next week!
S :)


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