My Love/Hate Relationship with Snapchat

Hey Blogger Nation!
How's it going?
So I have a love hate relationship with snapchat. Why? I honestly don't know but here's the things love and Hate! If you have something you love or hate on snapchat comment below! :)

So here's what I LOVE about Snapchat

  • I can send snapchats to family and friends
         Having family aboard and getting to send snaps of what's happening and showing                them what's happening with my blog.
  • I can post what ever I want like any other app
         Just like any other social media app I use it's a great way to share!
  • Get to see my favorite blogger and celebrities snapchats
          I love to watch other bloggers or some of the celebrities I follow and see what they are           up to!
  •  Screen light up for selfie
         I don't know why but most of my selfies can not be also most of my photos I upload of          myself come from snapchat!

What I HATE of Snapchat

People who complain on snapchat and only on snapchat
I have snapchat friends who literately complain on snapchat and sometimes they post unnecessary photos which I really don't want to know about!
The loading on some snapchat's can be unbelievably slow would have to wait at least maybe 5-10 minutes!
Thank you for reading! Short post! I see you all next week!


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