What I got for Christmas 2015

Hey Blogger Nation!
Not many hours until it's 2016!
Here's what I got for Christmas this year! This is my third year showing what I got Christmas!
I did a small secret santa with three other cork bloggers (cloggers!) and theses are the lovely gifts I received. The Burts Bee box smells amazing, and can I just say it's very thoughtful who ever was my secret santa again Thank you! <3

From my Grandparents
I got a signed Binge by Tyler Oakley one of my favorite YouTubers telling his story. Reading it at the moment and I'm loving it! And I got a handbag I was eyeing in Topshop love it! 

From Aunt and Uncle
A Kate Spade mug, Two Ambercrombie & Fitch perfume and body spray and Urban Decay Vice eyeshadow Platte. I have already started using the bodyspray. I can't wait to start using the eyeplatte! 

From Brother
Nathan Carter Live at the Marquee CD, Now that's I call music 92 and Tangle Teezer!

My parents
Got tickets to see Nathan Carter and got my favorite shower gel in Lush. 
From Santa
An Polaroid camera! Yes I know I was super happy when I got it. Though I have to be careful as I have only three of two films lefts as my brother doesn't realize how much it actually costs to get the film for it and wasted 3 photos. :/ Anyway I absolutely love it!

Friend Zara
One of my friends who I live next door we always meet at Christmas eve and exchange presents and she got me some N7 and SuperDry Nailpolish and nail filer!

That's what I got! I'm very grateful for what I get and I loved every single item I got! For 2015 I'm so grateful for every view on my blog and getting to know so many bloggers this year!  
Here's 9 photos of 2015!
Thank you all and I wish you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR! <3 
See you all in 2016 x
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