The real meaning of Christmas

Hey blogging Nation!
So I wanted to share my meaning of Christmas to you all.
I love to share Christmas with my family yes we may argue on Christmas day about the dinner like many others!
On Christmas Day I go to mass, I know not many young people don't go to mass anymore because it isn't cool but Christmas mass is very special celebrating Jesus Christ birthday and lighting the advent wreath candles during the five weeks of December.

I never ever forget the charities when I see people collecting on the streets in Cork. I'm always giving a few bob. And the the past two years I would go to mass, there be Christmas presents suggestions for someone in the community. unfortunately in our community we don't see the people suffering behind doors. On the stars they asked for stamps, T.V Licence, and food vouchers and it makes me realize we should help out with more people in our own country. 
With St Vincent De Paul and Simon Community and Penny Dinners. What's great with my college course at the moment the teachers donates all the food to Penny Dinners.
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Always think of the people who are lonely, grieving sad and people are so worried over things. Everyone should be loved.
I asked you whats the meaning of Christmas to you on Twitter and Facebook.

Thank You so much to who answered! I see you on Thursday! 
See ya then! ;)


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