Peitie Boohoo Wishlist

Hey Blogging Nation!
Hope everyone is having a great Friday!
So I wanted to make a Petite Wish list from as I love to their website, and to browse all the Clothing they have! 
In stores I feel petite clothing on the racks are pretty Shockley bad to my opinion, and most of the clothes in the store for petite wouldn't suit me!
Now just want to add, this is NOT sponsored by I'm just a big fan of their clothes!
Here's some of my boohoo petite wish-list

Melissa Loose  Cardigan
What i love about this wish list is, that everything here is very reasonable and is so affordable for me as been a student and not having much money this great!
So I hope you all like choices i picked and yes they are all dark due to been winter but I seem to be into black at the moment. 


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