July Haul

What is up Blogger's Nation!
I got a treat for you! I got a July haul for you!
If you follow me on twitter or follow me on my Facebook page I went to Dublin and I went shopping and I got a couple of nice things while been there.

I got this lovely navy jacket for autumn from Forever 21, I couldn't leave the store without buying it. I also got a Star Wars Tank top.

I got a lovely lace cream blouse from River Island to go with the jacket from forever 21 as in the store they had a blouse going with the jacket unfortunately they did not have it in my size.
I also got a lovely bomber jacket in Ambercrombie, luckily the colors in the jacket matches a lot of my tops and blouses I own in my wardrobe! 
I got some boots which look like builder boots in Penny's (Killarney) I also got some new Nike runners as I really needed it for college in September and I really needed comfortable shoes to wear for walking. I got Louise aka Sprinkle of Glitters new book, I haven't started reading it properly yet!
I also got a lovely quote "Everyday is an Adventure" for my bedroom.

 I also got a lovely beige backback from Penny's. I got lovely make up brushes, mascara, conceiler, and a lip stick from Laura Mercier it came in such a cute little box. And I got USWNT Soccer Jersey because I really really Admire that entire team of women. The make up brushes and the jersey came from my Aunt Eilish in New York so thank you eilish! :) xx

I also go new candles for my bedroom as I light alot of them, I got theses two vanilla scented patterned candles. One with a lion on it and a design on the other. I got a single candle glass saying Earl Grey Tea. I got a couple of fairy lights as well but I didn't take any photos of them!
That's all I got for in July, and I have to admit I spent alot of money! But it was so worth it! 
See you all next Friday! I might need to start saving again for my next haul! :)


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