The Longest Ride | Movie Review

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The Longest Ride directed by George Tillman, is based on a professional bull rider called Luke 
(Scott Eastwood). One night at a competition of bull riding he meets college art student Sofia (Britt Robertson) 
Luke asks out Sofia if she would like to go out with him, she agrees. When they go on their very romantic date, on their way back to Sofia's college Luke sees an car crashed. They find a older man in a serious condition and find there was a box beside him. 

Sofia takes the box with her to the hospital. Inside the box is letters that the older man wrote to his late wife. All the letters were written when he was once young. The older man is Ira (Alan Alda) befriends with Soifa reads the letters to Ira, through the letters we see the young Ira (Jack Huston) and his wife  Ruth (Oona Chaplin) meet and how they fell in love.

The movie itself was done very well. I loved the five main characters and to see Sofia and older Ira befriends and find they have common interests. I also love that we get to see Ira and his wife Ruth get through tough moments of their life's together. We also see how Luke and Sofia are very similar to Ira and Ruth's relationship. 

I would rate this movie out 4/5, the scenes of the bull riding was very slow and I felt they could've gone more faster.


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