Nathan Carter LATM

Hey Blogger Nation,
Second year Nathan Carter was at Live at the Marquee in Cork and this time it was bigger!!

Due to popularity and high demand Nathan decided to come back to the Rebel county to do his second live concert recording in Cork.

I was very excited to see Nathan again as I last saw him in February in the Cork Opera House.

 All photos from Nathan Carter's Facebook Page 
Nathan sang some great songs, some were new and some were old ones we love. And even a Cork song was sung by Nathan.
Nathan dressed very well with some well fitting suits for the show, and also had a few new members of the band for the special concert!
There was 4,000 people went to see Nathan in Cork young and old and danced, sang and absolutely loved it! Music definitely bring people together which I love! Nathan also is getting alot more young people to like country music which is great too!
 The Marquee filled with Nathan's fans

The support act was Lisa McHugh and was great!

I loved the concert and getting to meet Nathan after the concert, unfortunately  our photo didn't turn out great turn the marquee lights went out on us! But Nathan was very patient and even tried to get our dad's camera working! (aww melts) but I still loved the show!

If you haven't seen Nathan live before go and see him! 


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