Cut Loose Festival

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I went to the Cut Loose music festival in Holycross Co Tipperary. The festival is now in its fourth year.It all started when the GAA Club was in debt after building a parvillian and they needed to pay off this debt .so local TD Michael Lowery decided to organise  a country music festival. He didnt do this single handed he  had a great band of helpers which was visable on the ground yesterday, as it all ran like a dream. Even the weather was perfect for the event.

This year they had quite a line up for the show. Such as Nathan Carter, Mike Denver, Michael English, Robert Mizzell, and Lisa McHugh!
amazingly the tickets were only twenty euro which is a bargain to see some of the most popular artists in Country right now! 
So my parents and I were having a picnic in our car while we were enjoying the  music of Robert Mizzell and Michael English! We then arrived into the park and sat down with our flip up chairs etc. Everyone at the festival was so friendly and happy and there were a lot of families which was great!
I really enjoyed the one hour sessions from everyone and the last singer to sing was Nathan Carter it was his first time to see at HolyCross . I was trilled to get so close to the stage and Nathan stayed on for at least another 30 minutes since the crowd loved him. At the very end of the concert Nathan brought on six little children and they all sang Wagon Wheel with him which was So cute!! Also I just remembered Nathan had a special guest which was Daniel O' Donnell

At the end of the festival I got to meet Nathan again and got a photo with him and his brother Jacob! Absolutely loved the day and I highly enjoyed it with my parents! I would definitely go back to this festival!


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