The Irish Referendum

There is this huge thing on this May in Ireland. We call it the Irish Referendum.
What does that mean?
It means Irish Citizens who can vote from 18, can register and say I can VOTE!
I am one of theses people saying I can VOTE!
Back in the Victorian times women weren't even allowed to vote back then and think about it all those women went out to protest in the streets and end up getting arrested!
Anyway to my point I think everyone should vote and use your God Damn voice! People here in Ireland don't even realize people died to get people to vote!
This years Referendum are on two things, Same Sex Marriage and to bring the election age of the President of Ireland down from 35 to 21.
A-lot of people have been mainly talking about the same sex marriage.
I feel everyone has a right to get married, and that's why I'm honestly voting yes but now people are bringing up that adoption law, which gay men and lesbian couples can adopt here in Ireland. I'm fine with that in a way, most people do not agree as they are saying the child should have a mother and an father not two mothers or fathers. I get people are not happy with it, but if a gay couple wants to have a child let them be. Anyway I feel if I write more about this I may judge someone and I do not want that to happen.
Respect should be given to both sides. No Homophobic comments to Yes Campaigners and don't judge the people who are voting No this is their opinion too so respect them as-well.

Also with the voting of the age to go down to 21 in a way I would make it to 28 many say that's the age everyone matures.  Maybe they do. But I would be voting no to this one. Have you seen any young political in the parties been recognized I don't think so. I also feel the public should get an chance to become the presidents it's always someone who is well off and known in political. Also think of the pensions we will have to give to this 21 year old president.

So anyway I just wanted post this to say just use your voice think, listen to both sides as many has said. And we will all see what the out comes at May 22nd and May 23rd.


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