Chloe Fox | Game of the month May

My gamer of the month is Chloe Fox, a gamer and streamer from Melbourne, Australia.
Chloe isn't a professional at gamer like many others and started streaming for fun and has gained 1,000 followers on twitch and on twitter which is impressive.

How I found Chloe was when I was going through CSGO streams on Twitch.TV I found her and I just began started watching her. I then began loving her streams and highly enjoying her chats and talking with other followers and now since I kept coming into her streams I am now a moderator (I'm proud as punch to be one)

I also got to do a small interview Chloe, just for you all to get to know her and maybe come to one of her streams.
She also now has her boyfriend Soto aka BBG  an New Yorker streamer living with her and her sister in Melbourne. They make the cutest couple! :)

 1. How did you get into gaming?
I got into gaming when I was about 5 years old - when I was super little I didn't have a pc or any consoles, but my cousins had a console called an 'intertelevision'. It was one of the first consoles to ever come out - it had games such as frogga, pitfall, utopia. They also had a pc which had my favorite game on it. The MS Dos version of 'The Secret Of Monkey Island'. I vividly remember going around to their house and playing this game, and other games such as Doom, Goblins, Under A Killing Moon, Command & Conquer and absolutely falling in love with gaming.  I think that I've always had a vivid imagination. I also think that humans are storytellers - and over time how we tell story's has changed.  I think that the sheer brilliance of being able to actually immerse yourself and play out an actual story is something so special.  Storys can teach us about history, compassion, love etc.

2. What's your favorite video game of all time?
This is a tricky one! There are so many games that are so special to me for mostly sentimental reasons. As above, The DOS version of The Secret Of Monkey Island ignited my imagination and really kickstarted my love of gaming.  Growing up I remember playing Mario Kart, Goldeneye, Bonjo Kazooee with my siblings, so they will always be special to me.  I also love The God Of War series - this game, along with The Last Of Us ticks all the boxes for a 10/10 game to me.  The gameplay, storyline, graphics, it's all perfect.  

3. Why did you start your YouTube/Twitch channel?
I started my Twitch channel in about June 2014, I think it was just a natural progression really.  At the time I had just finished a 5 year obsession with Aion which is a fantasy MMO by NC Soft.  The game was so perfect to me, its literally all I played haha.  Part of the reason I loved it was the community.  I made some amazing friends playing that game.  Over the years the community became smaller - friends left, and by the end I was one of the only one left out of our original group of friends. The game wasnt as fun for that reason, which made me realise that a part of the reason I love gaming so much is because of the people. I love hanging out with like minded gamers - at the time, I didn't have any rl gamer friends, so it was nice to be a part of a community and have friends that understood me completely.  Twitch has changed my life. I've met some of my best friends on it, I met my boyfriend through it, I now have a circle of friends that are exactly like me, and that is something so precious to me.

4.What's rank are you in CSGO?
Silver Elite Master!
5. Who do you think is the best CSGO competitive team out there?
I really love NIP I guess, there are a lot of great teams out there though. Team Envy (LDLC) etc.

6. Favorite weapon/s in CSGO?
Fav weapons would be the AK and the M4A1!

7. What's your gaming set up? 
My gaming setup has changed a lot recently, I've upgraded a lot!
DX Racer F Series in Black/White
1 x BenQ XL2720Z
2 x BenQ GL2450H
Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920
Sennheiser HD650
Audio-technica AT2020 White Cardioid Condenser Microphone, Samson Meteor Microphone, accompanied with PV6 mixer.
Razer Black Widow Chroma
Razer Black Widow Chroma - Accompanied with a Razer Invicta Mousepad
Thermaltake Chaser A31 in Snow
i7 3930K
GTX 680
16 Gig
8. What's your favorite skin?
I really love the vulcan, the hyperbeast which I'm yet to get, and I love the pulse too

9. Who's your favorite gamer on Twitch?
There are a few! I love HeyItsBBG, xMinks, TimTheTatMan, Kittyplaysgames, msteamkk, manny_fwesh, thechief1114, M0eTV

10. What's your favourite Rifle in csgo?
11. Alienware or Razor?
Razor all the way!

12. Who's your favourite Moderator?
wow thats a hard one! I can't say that my lips are sealed!

13. What's your favorite scary game?
Hm, does The Last Of Us count?!  If not...I guess Dying light or Outlast?

14. Are you going to play GTAV?
Yes, when I stream next!

Thank yous so much to Chloe for letting me do an interview with her and I highly recommend you all to have a look at her Twitch streams and some of her videos up on YouTube. I know she doesn't upload every week like other gamers but it's mainly more of the stream highlights she put up and the streams.

Here's all the social media of Chloe give her a follow etc :)


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