Autodrome | Book of the month

This month the book is Autodrome by Kim Lakin-Smith.
I received this book from my friend Hannah as a birthday present! Thank You Hannah!:)

The book is about a teen boy called Zar Punkstar who loves racing and wants to become a pro. Zar's mother is a drug addict and his father is an inventor and gets murdered. Zar seeks revenge to find out who murdered his father and joins a team of some of the best racers from the streets and outer of the city. 
When I started reading the book I got really confused because I couldn't get into the book but until in the middle of it I got seriously into it! I love the friendship Zar has with  Perisa Gold.
I quite enjoyed the ending of the book, I would love if there would be a second book! 
I never seen the book in any Irish stores and when I went to research it, there isn't many stores selling it. Amazon, Easons do sell it online which is great.

I also love the cover of the book, I received a hard back of the book, without of the cover it's so yellow and love the bright color. The cover has so many details and I also love the girl on the cover such a good description of the character. I feel like she could be either Valentine, or Persia but I don't know. If you know who it is please tell me! I would love to know! 
I like Kim's writing and sense of style.
I really enjoyed this book and rate it four out of five. I just which I could understand the beginning of the book!

You can buy the book below:


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