Fast & Furious 7 | Movie Review

For fans of the movies of Fast & Furious this was the last film Paul Walker did before he tragically died which such a sad moment for all the fans.

The movie 137 minutes, directed by James Wan.

If you haven't seen the sixth film I advise you watch it before seeing seventh one and not to get spoilers.
Ok lets start with the start of the film, see Jason Statham playing Deckard Shaw older brother of Owen Shaw who was in the previous film in the series. He seeks vengeance for what happened to Owen and makes quite an epic entrance of the film!
Dobb played by The Rock is some fella, he had a major fighting scene with Deckard and oh my god it was epic!! 
Dominic played by Vin Diesel and Brian (Paul Walker) find out Deckard is coming for all the team for what they did to his brother.
Alot of drama and two deaths of the crew. 
They then work with Mr. Nobody (Kurt Russell) , the leader of a covert ops team. They both want Deckard since he is a highly trained assassin and was too dangerous and no government wanted to hire him.
So they also want to find an hacker called "Ramesy" which they thought it be a man but it was actually a girl played by Nathalie Emmanuel (from Game Of Thrones) they work together and then another bad guy   Mose Jakande (Djimon Hounsou) wants Ramesy because she has made a hacking system that she can control and use anything.

Now I'm not going to say anymore of the film because I don't want to spoil that much.

I the racing and the cars in the movie were so god damn beautiful I which I had one them but they would cost thousands or millions but it has such good fighting scenes as well of racing etc and we got to see a very small cameo from Aussie rapper Iggy Azalea which was cool!
The ending was such a surprise for me as I expected Paul Walker to be cut out but the movie ended with a lovely remembrance for Paul which made my eye quite watery!

I really enjoyed the movie! And will rate the film out 5/5 because it was the last movie Paul did. So RIP man you were such a great guy and did so much charity work. x


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