Fangirl | Book of the Month March

Hey guys,

So I came upon this book thanks to Instagram, a follower of mine suggested everyone to read the book and luckily I got the book and read it.

The book is based on a girl called Cath, who has a twin whos Wren into partying as for Cath she rather read/write fan fiction and love Simon Snow which is a fictional character which is very popular from ficitonal write Gemma T Lesie.

Cath is about start college as a freshman and meets new people.

I enjoyed reading the book but as a fangirl but for some reason there was something that Cath put me off of her. I think it was just she is so socially awkward with everyone and doesn't want to be around anyone and stays in her bedroom.

 Rainbow Rowell

I recommend it the book to anyone who want's to read something different and who is a fangirl themselves!

Thank you for reading, and if you have to recommend me please comment below in the comment section! 
See you soon!


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