What I'm listening to | February

Hey guys,
I'm going to start making a playlist of what I'm listening to currently this month. I going to use Grooveshark as it's so far best place to get most of my songs, secondly Spotify but Taylor Swift :(
Now this month I chose ten songs I'm listening to and I can't stop playing them!

1. Louder- Neon Jungle
2. Welcome to the Jungle- Neon Jungle
3. Style- Taylor Swift
4. Stronger- Stonebank  ft EMEL
5. Here it comes- Pegboard Nerds
6. Blame it on me- George Erza
7. Shake it off- Taylor Swift
8. Runaway Baby- Bruno Mars
9. Lips are moving- Meghan Trainer
10. Boom Clap cover- Maisy and Lennon Stella
I'm listening to other songs and music from musicals as well, above is some of the artists I also listened during the month!

So alot of different of genres of music I'm currently listening!
What's your top ten songs your listening to this month or loving?


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