The Vamps| February Artist

Hey there!
So this month's artist is a British Band called the The Vamps. Just like five seconds of summer but more British rock pop.
The band is with four members Brad (lead vocals and plays guitar)  James (lead guitarist and sings backing vocals) Connor (bass guitar and sings backing vocals) and Tristan ( drums and sings backing vocals) 
How I found them was through a friend from school. I then listened to their first single " Can We Dance" I really liked that as it's a cheerful song and a good song to as dance too!
The band started out with Brad found James through YouTube. And they began a search to find two other members for the band. When they found Connor and Tristan they began doing covers and finally got signed by a label!

My favorite song would be "Somebody to you" feat Demi Lovato and "Wild Heart" 
The boys went to tour America during the summer 2014. They also appeared on the Ellen Show in November with Demi.
The boys songs are great and cheerful and I be looking forward to hear them more during 2015.

Who's your favorite band member??
Comment below?
See you soon!


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