Steve Booker| YouTuber of the Month February

Hey guys!

YouTube of the month is now one my ideas of the blog! For this month I picked blog writer and YouTuber Steve Booker!

I found Steve through FunForLouis when he was in one of his vlogs and Louis is one of my favorite YouTubers and so is Steve! He is also from London! 

I really like Steve as he has great sense of men's of fashion and the love of coffee just like me!

Also Steve has very impressive party tricks, he can do with bottles, tennis balls etc.
I follow him on Twitter, and have been very lucky  to get of tweets Favorited by Steve. I also follow on snapchat which is another way of following him!
Below are his social media, give him a cheeky follow!
By the way Steve if your reading this! That would be flipping amazing! And congratulations to Steve and Alexia who now engaged! He proposed in Paris! And very well done!

Steve's social media:

Snapchat: stevebooker

That's it for today! 

Don't forget to comment below!!
See you all soon! 


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