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Hey guys,
Gamer of the month! So there is this guy I found maybe three/four months ago on YouTube called Sparkles Production. He makes epic videos of CSGO (Counter Strike Global Offense) of competitive gamers, players who send in demos and even himself. 
Sparkles has over 408,950 subscribers and has 70,308,126 views on his channel.Pretty impressive. He regularly posts new videos every week. And he is the found of the Ninja Defuse in CSGO which is just hiding at the plant area, smoke where he is and flash the other team members and still in the smoke sneakily defuse the bomb! 
I really enjoy Sparkles YouTube videos as they are quick and has great music over them when you watching them. 
What's my favorite videos? Definitely the Ninja Defuses and Hacks or Lucks!

I also decided I would email him and ask for an interview and luckily he said yes! Here's the interview! And what he said! 
1. How did you get into gaming?
"I got into gaming at an early age, my dad had a computer science degree from the 70's and set me up with a computer in the 90's. I used to load games from a command prompt/floppy disk and love playing them, things like commander keen and doom."

2. What's your favorite video game of all time?
My favourite video game of all time?

In terms of multilayer, it's got to be counter strike!

Single player however, I'm not too sure, I've played so many fantastic games with amazing story lines.
The original metal gear solid on ps1 had me in tears at such a tender age!

3. Why did you start your YouTube channel?
I started my channel to have a place to share moments from my games with friends/the public. Editing was a hobby and I enjoyed making people smile with it, whilst working on improving my skills.

4. What's your best match you played in CSGO?
The best match I've played in CS:GO ?

I don't know, there have been so many. Usually the one's where you're down like 3-12 at half on an even map, and then comeback 16-14 for the win are the best.
5. What's rank are you in CSGO?

I am DMG. It's ELO hell. I can comfortably play at L.E.M. and Supreme level, but it takes about 15 wins in a row for me to rank up, I keep getting to 10-12 in a row, then losing one and the process resets. The ranking system in CS:GO match-making doesn't mean much to me, it's a team game and when you solo queue getting matched up with random people, anything can happen.

 Who do you think is the best CSGO competitive team out there?

I'd probably say I'm a fnatic fanboy the most, despite all the hate and controversy they've received they seem to be the most reliable and stable winning team in the whole scene. They have an incredible amount of skill between them and don't have one specific person constantly out-shining everyone else. They play it as a team, like it's meant to be played.

 Why do you think your so unlucky with opening cases?

I have no idea why I'm so unlucky with case openings. The system seems very random, so there's nothing you can do to affect your luck. I guess I just got dealt a bad hand by valve.

 Favorite weapon/s in CSGO?

Has to be the AWP, just as it was in CS:S.

 Favorite map in CSGO?
I wouldn't say I have a favorite map, maybe mirage? Or nuke? I enjoy all the wallbang potential on nuke.
I'd love to see some other CS:S maps ported over, like tuscan, mill or russka.

 I know you said your going to start streaming on Twitch when will that be? And are you excited about it?

That will be when I get better internet in a couple of months max, and of course I'm excited! Excited and nervous at the same time!

11. What's your gaming set up? 
My gaming setup is:

Razer blackwidow keyboard.
Razer deatheradder mouse.
Razer goliathus mouse mat.
Benq 144hz monitor.
Senheiser pc350 se headset.
12. What do you think of the viewers and fans you have?
I hate all my viewers and fans. They suck.

Haha no but seriously what kind of a question is that?
Without my viewers and fans I wouldn't be able to do what I love doing, whilst earning a living.
Without them I am nothing therefore I have the utmost respect for them and try to help them whenever I can.
13. Do you get alot of troll and hate from people because you are so popular on YouTube?
Being popular on the internet, you're ALWAYS going to get hate and troll, of course. It's part and parcel of the job, I usually just laugh it off.
The nice thing about being internet famous is you can press the "off" button at any time and walk away from it all.
14. Who is your favorite YouTuber/s and why?
My favorite YouTuber?
I don't know, I watch a lot of prank videos. 
Big Brandon carter might be one of them, his wisdom & fitness advice is always inspiring.
15. What do you use to edit and record for your videos?

I mainly use fraps/nvidia shadowplay, sony vegas, adobve after effects & virtual dub.
Some other programs like cinema 4d come out at on special occasions.

Thank you Sparkles for letting me interview him and guys don't forget to check out his YouTube channel and social media! Will have it below!
So what's your favorite video from Sparkles?
 Comment Below!
Sparkles SoundCloud:
Sparkles Twitch Channel (Streaming Soon)


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