Nathan Carter LIVE!

Hello * in a really bad Liverpool accent*
Now I'm going to be seeing Nathan Carter live on the 18th of February!
I'm really excited because this will be my third time seeing him live! Go to see him for the first time at the live of the marquee and then got to see him on New Year's Eve as a Christmas present!
I'm taking my grandfather to see him as it was a Christmas present from me and my mum!
I really hope she enjoys it because she never seen him live! And I might even taker her to meet him after!  (Now that's a photo for facebook!)

I follow him on facebook and he puts up the cutest photos of him and the band every day. It's like I know him but he doesn't know me (yet!)
I really love him and Niamh  McGlinchey singing Bruises! It's so good! I mean really good I want it to be a single Beautiful Life. I haven't heard it yet but I will when the music video comes out!
Also Nathan sings amazingly well live! And my younger brother is now seriously getting into the country music listening to my Nathan's CD's, Derek Ryan and Danny O' Leary!
I will tweet photos when at it but there is no wifi in the venue which sucks
Cork Opera House get your GAME ON! INEC had wifi and it was fantastically fast!

If you a Cartertte fan what's your favorite song?

Don't forget to share this post with Nathan Carter and his fans on twitter and facebook!
Also add Nathan on snapchat @ nathancarter12

Now I'm going to go and listen to Wagon Wheel!


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