Into the Woods Review

Hey everyone!

3 weeks ago I went to see into the woods, from Disney. Now before I start I went to the cinema and it was packed with loads of people and the time I was going to see the movie was half eight at night and there wasn't much good movies out in January and didn't have great times as most of the times of the movies were very early like 6:00pm and 7:00pm.
What's the movie about?

It's based fairy tale characters Red Riding Hood(Emily Blunt), The baker(James Corden), Cinderella(Anna Kendrick) , Jack from the beanstalk(Daniel Huttlestone)  . Rapunzel( MacKenzie Mauzy), Prince Charming (Chris Pine) and the witch (Meryl Streep).
All these's characters go into to woods for many reasons. Jack has to go through the woods to go to the market to see the cow. The baker and his wife want a child and will need to help in need of the witch to get a child. Red Riding Hood is on her way to visiting her grandmother, and Cinderella running away from Prince Charming.
Now the woods is a bit strange, it changes the characters who go in. 
Also the movie is genre be musical because nearly all the characters and each scene nearly have singing parts in it!
 My favorite scene would be Red Riding Hood meeting Jack  and bet him he wouldn't go back up to beanstalk!
Through out the movie there is funny scenes but some definitely awkward scenes for sure!
Would I recommend this movie? Yes but I wouldn't take any children from under the age of 9 as it can be a bit scary with all the green screen graphics.
I would rate the movie 7/10, James Gordan and Emily Blunt performances were great!
Hope you all like this review!
Have you seen the movie?  What do you think of the movie?
See you all soon!


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