Hello everyone!

Have some exciting new for you guys!!
From January 31st I will be adding new things to the blog!! And I'm going to explain each new thing!

What are they you say?

YouTuber of the month: 
I watch alot of YouTubers like FunForLouis, Zoella, Pointlessblog, SprikleofGlitter etc. And each month I will pick a different YouTuber who I have watched previous month before

Gamer of the month:   
I watch alot of video gamers who post videos on YouTube like FrankieonPC, JackFrags, PsiSyndicate, Tom Syndicate etc. Just like the YouTuber I watched the previous month before.

Video Game of the month: 
I watch alot of Video games on YouTube or I play alot for example CSGO, RUST, ARMA 3. As I don't have a Xbox or PS4 (Yeah I know I must be crazy!) I love watching other people play it!

Book of the month:
When I have time I always try to read a book, and I have read alot in the past few years and I thought every month I might make a book review just like Zoella's book I did.

New Addiction:
I usually get addicted to some new show or actress or actor I fall in love with through. Or it could even be a song that would keep playing every single day!

What do you all think? Should I add more things?


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