Tori Kelly | December Artist

Hey everyone!
It's finally December meaning CHRISTMAS!
This month's artist for December is the amazingly talented signer Tori Kelly.

How I found Tori was watching a girl I have been following for a long time and she was mentioning she went to a concert of an artist she loves which was Tori. And I decided to look her up, and when I heard her song confetti oh my god. It was pure amazing. I then began listening to her orginal songs and covers on her YouTube Channel.
This year has been massive for Tori she has been  recognized by other artists and has made a  collaboration  with British rapper Professor Green.
When Tori does those high notes I get goosebumps. and she is so down to earth and so grateful  of her fans.
My favorite songs from Tori, are "Confetti" " Dear No One" "Funny" and "Paper Hearts"
Tori is now friends with Sam Smith and her new manager is scooter, who manages Cody Simpson and a few other well known musicians.

Hope you all like this short post! I'm currently on work experience for the two weeks before Christmas.
I will do a post before Christmas so keep an eye out for that! :)


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