Pointless Book by Alfie Deyes

Hey guys,
I have been wanting to post this review for a while but I never manged to have the time to write it due to school and personal stuff but I'm finally doing it!
Back in October I bought the Pointless Book which is from British YouTuber Pointlesss Blog aka Alfie Deyes.

The book was announced by Alfie a couple of months before it released.
The book is a doodle book. Alfie created different strange, funny, quirky pages.
There is pages like write a note for a stranger or a friend and small quizzes!
I don't want to reveal many of pages of the book as you may be getting it for Christmas!

There is also an app which you can download and use while doodling and having fun with the book. I haven't tried the app yet myself but I do hope to try it soon!

I really enjoyed this book! I have half of the book finished already! It's suitable for girls and boys. It's just for fun and I think it's just like a mini diary as I put in alot of my dreams and aims and whats my interests.
Overall I give the book out 10/10 because it's so different than any other books I seen lately.
Also is it just me or the books for teenagers or young adults are very dark and black? Comment below I would love your opinion.

I also can't wait to get Zoe Sugg's book "Girl Online" Zoe is in actually Aflie's girlfriend and I have to say they are one cute couple! I'm going to get the book for Christmas!
I hope you all like this post!
See you all soon!
Sheilann x


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