Mockingjay Review

Hey guys!

So last Sunday I went to see the first part of Mockingjay which is from fantastic book series written by Suzanne Collins who also wrote Hunger Games, and Catching Fire,
As I read all three books and thought they were really good and I did go and see the first movie. I didn't like it but I did like the second movie catching fire.
I went to see to see it with two of my friends who are both fans of the popular teen movies.
Whats the story about?
Katnis Everdeen is back from Catching Fire and is ready to fight for the good against President Snow who is the president of the 13 districts. And how Katnis is feeling about Peetra been in the capital and finding him.

Who's the new faces who joined the cast?
I was pretty excited to see it Natalie Dormer who was playing Cressdia, an jouranlist who fed from the capital to film Katnis. Julianne Moore as President Alma Coin.  Stef Dawson plays Annie Cresta.
 Evan Ross plays Messalla,assistant director to Cressida. Patina Miller portrays Commander Paylor, the leader of the rebellion in District 8. Mahershala Aliportrays Boggs, Coin's right hand man, while Wes Chatham portrays Castor and Elden Henson plays his brother, Pollux, who is an Avox, someone who had his tongue cut off by the Capitol.

My thoughts of the movie?
I really enjoyed the movie, the cast was fantastic and the script was amazing. All the explosions were really good and I was on the edge of my seat in the final scenes. I loved Jennifer Lawerence's performance in the movie is did amazing.  And Josh Hutcherson who played Peetra did it so well also in the final scenes was just amazing. I couldn't keep my eyes off him!
Just to add I'm team Gale but Peetra is a cutie too so I guess I ship the two teams!
I can not wait for part 2 for the movie!!
If you seen the movie what is your thoughts of the movie? What was your favorite scene?
Thanks guys!
Can you believe this Monday is the first of December! :O


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