Carrie Underwood / November Artist

Hello everyone!
How is everyone doing today? And happy Friday! It's the weekend! Whoo
So tonight I am posting early because tonight I'm actually going to my school awards as I am nominated with 13 others for the student of the year for 5th year. Which am pretty honored because the last time I was nominated in the short list was back in 2010! 
Anyway this month's artist of the week is country star Carrie Underwood. If you may not know already I have been getting seriously into country music this past six months thanks to Nathan Carter! 
Just a little bit about Carrie, Carrie was born March 10, 1983,  from Muskogee, Oklahoma, United States. She first began singing in  her local church,  She later sang for local events.
Carrie auditioned for American Idol in 2004,  St. LouisMissouri.She got in the top ten,  She gained a fan base known as "Carrie's Care Bears" during the course of the show. During the final, she sang with Rascal Flatts their song "Bless the Broken Road". And Carrie actually won the show in the fourth season!
Carrie was inducted to the Grand Ole Opry in 2008 and now hosts the CMA (Country Music Association Awards) since 2008.
She has 6 tours under belt! (Not Bad eh?)

My favorite songs from Carrie are " Blown Away" "Good Girl" "Jesus Takes The Wheel" " Before He Cheats" and " All American Girl" Carrie sings them amazing live!
I seriously love Carrie she is so nice to fans and to everyone! Shes so down to earth and is amazing charity worker.
Also here's a new song Carrie is featured in with Miranda Lambert which is pretty good! Something Bad gonna happen!

If Carrie is ever coming to Ireland I am going to queue and get those tickets! 
What is your favorite song from Carrie? Tweet me @sheilanno would love to know!
See you all soon! <3 


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