Assassin Creed Unity Review

So as a gamer I was pretty excited to watch the walk through of Assassin Creed Unity.
The assassin of this year's game is Arno Dorian. His father was an assassin when Arno was a child and unfortunately Arno's father was murdered by an fellow assassin who will be featured in Assassin's Creeds Rogue. Arno was adpoted by one of his father's friends. When he was age he joined the Assassin Creed when he was in sent to prison for the murder of his father's friend which Arno didn't do. 
In the game we go as Arno seeking revenge of the deaths and find who and why they killed his father and his adopted father. The year the game is in the French Revolution.

The graphics of the game were fantastic we get to see France in that time. While the graphics are the top marks, while you play and climb a building and move your camera it lags. The controls on the Xbox One have been given problem, when your pressing a button you want to use the game would do the opposite. And the PC version isn't going down very well either! The PC version isn't working right and needs to fixed!
Also for the story line was a bit dry, as in the trailer we see the four assassins, I thought the other three assassins were involved with the story line. Nope they are in fact used for the multiplier. Which was this disappointing.
The only character I liked was Elise, Arno's friend and lover. Arno was really annoying for me and was pretty much on my nerves and I think it was because he was obsessed with finding who murdered his family. (Which i can understand but it's also the actors voice got on my nerves too) 
Also just to add, in missions they had so many people in streets and in the game as background you couldn't find certain people for assassinations. Which was annoying.
Below is IGN's review, 

Overall, I would give the game 5 out of 10, reasons are the story line wasn't as good as Assassin Creed Black Flag. Graphics were amazing, costume play were pretty cool. For me I was pretty disappointed for the rest.
Hope you all liked the review, want me to review another game? Comment below!!


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