Perry Street Market Cafe

Good morning everyone!
Just before I start this, this my 50th blog post! :)
Last Wednesday we went for lunch and my aunt who was visiting from America came home found this cute cafe called Perry Street Market, in the back streets of Cork City. I was looking forward for some really nice food as the weather was pretty terrible (Irish Weather= Rain and Coldness) 

Opening hours are Monday – Saturday 8am – 6pm, Sunday 11am – 5pm
When we entered we were welcome with a wave of heat and the smell of cooking food which a nice thing! They had a cold, hot meal, desserts areas. They also have a little shop/market in the back of the cafe and selling Gluten Free food products. 
 When I looked at their coffee menu there was some new coffee I haven't heard of. Such as Baby Chino, Machiato, DBL Espresso. Anyone have an idea of what type of coffees it is?

Their sandwiches is huge! I ordered a lamb curry but a half portion as I wasn't too sure how much they would give me.
When we got our food, my curry was presented very nice. Smell from the curry was just so yummy. Taste of the curry sauce was splendid and just cooked perfectly, it was one of the best lamb curries I had for a long time! I then wished I could had more. The staff were very nice which is always a bonus.

I would definitely come back to this cafe and have a nice coffee, or come with friends and chill. I think definitely Louis Cole  (Aka FunForLouis) and Steve Booker would love this cafe because of vibe and great service.
Food: 9/10 Staff: 8/10  Atmosphere 7/10 
Hope you like this review on the Perry Street Market, if you been at this comment below or if you would like me to make a review of a restaurant, cafe or coffee place please comment below or tweet me link below!



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