Lennon and Maisy Stella | October Artist

Hey everyone!
So since September and this month I have been getting into watching and listening more country music from US. Especially music from Opry's YouTube channel and watching the first season on Nashville. And since I am watching Nashville I'm been listening to Maisy and Lennon Stella who plays the daughters of Rayna Jaymes (played by Connie Britton)
The girls first became popular on YouTube by posting a covering of " Call Your Girlfriend" By Robin & Erato, with 24 million views!
They were born in OshawaOntario but now reside in NashvilleTennessee When their mom became aware of a role in a new ABC show that was being filmed in Nashville, Maisy immediately auditioned. At the final stages of the auditioning process, the casting agents discovered Maisy's older sister Lennon and decided that both girls would be cast on the show.
I love their versions of Ring of Fire, Hey Ho, Telescope and their own originals songs.
I really do love theses two girls they are honestly the sweetest girls and such talented girls. They definitely got the talent from their parents who are in the Stella's band!
Here's songs they performed at the famous Grand Opry!
Hope you all like this post! If you have any artist I should listen to please comment below or tweet me!
See you all soon! x


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