First Time Farmers |TV Review

So as I'm from a farming background myself I do some jobs on my farm like milking the cows.
Channel four have started a new documentary/reality series lets just say! Called First Time Farmers.
The show follows young hopeful farmers who want to be either in charge of the farm they grew up or wants to become a farmer.
My brother was keen to see what does the British farmers does differently to the Irish farmers!
The first episode which aired in early August, it introduced us to Kate a girl who is in love with her calves shes was minding, milking the 500 cows and the normal jobs but she wears short shorts while driving around the tractor and milking cows!!! As a milker myself girls shouldn't be wearing it should be wearing overalls (which I do just to add!) as every farmer in Ireland and UK farmers get messy and dirty while working!
As watching the show I would go into to twitter and see the whats everyone's thoughts. Most girls would now like to marry a farmer and think the lads are fine. And other half call it crap and they all have Made In Chelsea accents which they seem to have. :D
Also last week episode 6 was a massive important one because they were showing the TB testing. As every farmer must know TB sucks pretty bad as the disease comes from badgers. Also I just want to add the way Rhi did to save those's four cows was fantastic! 
Glamorous: 23-year-old Kate combines looking good with milking 500 cows three times a day
The show would air at ten o' clock but now since it's back to school they have changed the times and made it air later at eleven o' clock which sucks as I have school in the morning and it means I have to record it or watch it on the channel four playback but I don't mind but my brother does! :D

Overall the show is a great success you can see the struggles farmers has and the struggles for the young farmers in this show as they have to choose the most difficult things in their life!
If you want to follow any the following farmers from the show here's their twitters! :)

Here's the trailer of first timer farmers
That's all for me! Tweet me what you think of the show or comment below!
 See ye soon! :)


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