The New Doctor/ Doctor Who

Hello everyone!
I apologise I haven't been on as I started school again Monday and I have been trying to get my work and everything back to normal!
I did get to see doctor who on Saturday which was great! When we first see the dinosoar in the River Thames in Victorian times (SPOILER ALERT!)
Also my mother was watching the show also! She the other hand was very confused!! 
The we get to see the good old gang of Jenny, Strax and Madam V! It was good to see them by the way in trying not to spoil anything and I sent want to give away anything!!
But for me the episode was well done, Clara played by Jenna Louise Coleman was done fantastic. I know most fans of the doctor who don't like Clara because everyone loved Amy and Rory. I was disappointed with the doctor played by Peter C. He pretty much mumbled a lot and I didn't hear it and my television was full volume!!
Overall I had mixed feelings but this week I'm looking forward to see the darleks! 


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