Josh Record| August Artist


So I'm finally going to start doing the artist of the month!
My first artist  I have to thank Louis Cole who introduced me to Josh Record. Josh is one of Louis's good old friend back before Louis was big on YouTube.

Josh's sense of genre of music is Rock, and  Acoustic Rock.
Josh is from South West of England. 
His first release in 2012 with the song "For Your Love" in 2013 his own self production of "The War" 
Now in 2014 Josh re-released "For your love" in March and Josh released his DEBUT Album! "Pillars" in July 2014!
You can get the album on iTunes, Spotify and Amazon. 

Personally my favorite songs from Josh's album is Wide Awake, Bones, The  War and For Your Love. I don't know what but Josh's voice is so calming! If you feel like in a bad mood or angry his music for me is so calming!
I haven't stopped listening to his album for the fourth week!
You can follow Josh on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and on his website! (links below)
Josh also featured in Jack's Gap Shed Sessions created by Jack and Finn harries!
Josh's Facebook:
Josh's Twitter:
Bones Music Video:
Josh's website:
Pillars Album on iTunes:

Jack's Gaps Video ft Josh:

So that's really it for me for this week! 
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Enjoy the weekend! 
sheilann xx


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