It's been AGES!!!

Hey there everyone!

I'm truly sorry I haven't been on and posting since JUNE! I have been super busy I have been helping out my family and meeting up with friends!
It's now JULY meaning there is only two months left of summer NOOOOOOOO I have to go back to school on the 25th of August! (yeah I know not fair!!)
But this month is going to be amazing because of tons of Comic Con Conventions for example San Diego Comic Con one of the biggest conventions in the world and one loads of celebs go to!
I can not wait to see the videos of who and what panels will be there! EEEKKKK Fangirling right now!! :D
Anyway I hope to post more this month!!
I post more soon!


Me milking the cows for my dad in June and still milking them!!


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