One Direction Concert

Hey everyone!
Sorry for the delay of posting! I have been seriously busy with home and school finishing last week.
I got to go to see One Direction last week in Dublin on May 24th! I got a train to Dublin on the Saturday morning. Got collected by a family member which we were staying for the night with. We had a lovely dinner, had a chilled afternoon.
Around three- four o' clock I went to get ready. What I wore at the concert was
Niall Horan One Direction Tshirt I got in Pennys/Primark
Green jacket in Life Styles Sports
Jeans from Tommy Hilfiger
Runners from Life Style Sports
We were also prepare if it rained we bought two green ponchos in Tiger and really cool store just to say!
We walked down from the house we were staying in, the walk was just a 20 minute walk. Met loads of Directioners on the way and entering into Croke Park!
When we entered Croke Park it began to start raining and it turned cold to freezing.
5 seconds of Summer were the support act, personally I only heard of their songs which was "She Looks So Perfect" My poor mum was freezing so went back out to get some Hot tea for her. We stayed outside until the band finished. I really didn't what the band was singing for the hour and got very bored with them. (Please don't me for not liking them at the moment!)
One Direction came on at 8:10pm, their intro video was so cool and creative I basically cried and laughing during it because of the excitement!
No matter what the weather I still loved the concert I kepet signing and jumping around. It was pretty much amazing!!
I hope you guys like this!
I'm going to make more posts during the summer!
Sheilann xx


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