Lourdes Trip

Hey bloggers!
I said in my last post I was travelling to Lourdes, France on Easter Sunday and coming back on the Saturday after. The day before we left for France it was my 18th Birthday! :P

 I met the rest of the group of young people and adults. I started to know the three other girls. Our flight was on 8pm but there was an 2 hour delay, we were on the plane at that time. We arrived into France at 1 o' clock!
Every day we had masses on Monday, Thursday,  and Saturday we had our own masses. Wednesday was the Irish mass and Friday was the world mass.
We did alot of things during the week like getting to know the history of the Saint Bernadette, visit the grotto, stations of the cross (YES THE BORING BITS) but we did get do a fun things fancy dress (didn't go down well with the teens) visited the mountains above Lourdes, shopping oh and we also played against the group Kerry in soccer. We won by the way! :)
I have met alot of new friends in the group of teens and we are going to be having a reunion soon! Thanks to lads (boys) who got me into more dance music! Our theme song was Animals from Martin G!
Thank you to the group for making it an great experience !


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